Learn how to build and run successful businesses with your siblings

Fiercesix sisters Kelli and Mariann on TV Michael D. Butler

For those students who dream of transforming their entrepreneurial ideas into thriving family businesses, Kelli Nguyen-Ha, Mariann Tran and Jennifer Tran's approach will provide you with a wealth of insights. These sisters have been successfully navigating the complex world of business for more than a decade, exemplifying harmonious collaboration and shared vision. They offer not just theoretical knowledge, but practical lessons drawn from their real-life experiences. They're on a mission to create a "unicorn" - a privately held startup valued at over $1 billion - by 2033. Their journey offers crucial lessons on strategic planning, business development, and the delicate art of balancing personal relationships with professional goals. So, if you aim to create a prosperous venture alongside your sibling, their teachings are an invaluable resource.